Let's All Teleport Today

Teleportation should be easy. It should be as hard as crossing a room or re-aiming a flashlight. In short, teleportation is moving from one place to another without taking the traditional amount of time and without travelling in the traditional way through our three dimensions. Blink: you’re somewhere else. In a three dimensional world, this seems patently impossible. With solely three dimensions, you can stretch space but you can’t ignore it. There’s good news for the teleportation wannabes. You’re not locked into three dimensions.

The laws of relativity and space-time lay out our three dimensional world in a four dimension universe. A star (a big hot source of gravity) sits on this fabric of space-time. It stretches it. Three dimensional phenomenon bend to gravity’s will: during eclipses. obscured stars are visible because their light bends around our sun. Real world examples bear out that general relativity is a solid theory. So take it as a given that there are more than three dimensions.
Objects and phenomenon are pan-dimensional. You can experience something in a fewer dimensions, but it still exists in all dimensions. When you shine a light onto a surface, that light is a demonstration of a two dimensional representation. Shine it elsewhere and the two dimension representation has moved to a new space and may do so without going through the intermediary wall space.
If we are not exclusively three dimensional creatures, we have dimensions we are not aware of. Take the Flatland example: to make the idea of the fourth dimension more fathomable to three dimensional brains, knock everything down a dimension. Make yourself from a three dimensional person into a two dimensional person on a flat plane. Take an apple. Keep it as a three dimensional apple to represent a fourth dimensional object to the two dimensional onlookers (aka “flatlanders”). To flatlanders, that red apple looks like five little unconnected dots. The apple’s dots appear as separated elements even though they are conjoined in three dimensions. And, even though they look two dimensional to two dimensional eyes, the apple still has one more dimension even if a flatlander cannot see it with flatlander eyes.
So we may be fourth or fifth dimensional creatures even though we can only see three of those dimensions. Heck, like the base of the apple, we may even be connected in ways that cannot be perceived in the third dimension and so we appear separate, but that’s a topic for another post.
Assume we exist in many dimensions. Assume that we move in the three dimensions we perceive. If we exist in many dimensions and can move in the directions available to each dimension, we should be able to move along the fourth or fifth dimensional axis. So why aren’t we teleporting already?
It cannot be because we cannot sense the fourth dimension. A blind man can walk around a room that he cannot see. A deaf woman can turn on a stereo that she cannot hear. Sensing a dimension is not a prerequisite for motion into that dimension.
I think there are two reasons: brain power and energy.
If we cannot fathom a dimension, we can’t make use of it. Maybe we are stretching in the fourth dimension. Back to the flatland example: if the five dots of the apple base are standing put in the flatlander dimensions, the tops of the apples could be turned into apple sauce and none of the flatlanders could be aware because those apple dots are still pristine. Those five dots have little in common with our perception of what an apple looks like. What do the fourth dimensional versions of ourselves look like? Is there a fourth dimensional part of our brain rigged to make those fourth dimensional body parts move about?
If we don’t have fourth dimensional body parts, that could be why we’re not teleporting. Motion takes energy. The energy cost of lifting something off of flatland is easy for the three dimensional crowd to accomplish. It would be impossible for the two dimensional crowd to lift themselves off of their plane of existence, float through a third dimension and land elsewhere on the second dimension of flatland. If we can find a way to flex muscles we don’t know about it would mean we could move in an available direction that we currently do not know about. It doesn’t become a battle of technology, it’s a battle of perception. If a tribesman in the jungle could perceive unacknowledged dimensions, he could move in that direction were such a thing possible. One more trip back to flatland: flatland can appear flat to the flatlanders, but that surface could be bent and twisted in high dimensions. Jumping off of the surface could land you somewhere that is nearby in the fourth dimension but far away if you had to traverse it in the third dimension.
If we can flex our fourth dimensional version of our calves and take the big leap, we can leap off this humdrum third dimension and blink into existence somewhere else. You just have to want it.

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