My Fifth Caller Will Be Hit With a Molotov Cocktail. The Phone Lines Are Open

I have bad news for you if you think you're part of the oppressed 99%: there's a 1-in-5 chance that you're part of the 1%. I know the geographic/demographic make-up of most readers: North Americans and some Europeans with a sprinkling of East Asians and South Asians. You have a computer. You likely have access to a smokin' hot search engine powerful enough to exhume something like this blog post.
People think the 1% are another unknown species that they can dump on. There can be riots in the streets and people setting up tent cities. Likely, the same people who talked stores out of using plastic bags made with petroleum products are sitting in plastic tents wearing weather resistant plastic / polymer jackets. But that's an aside that speaks to how out of touch they are with the world they are a part of. In most of the world you need to work long hours so there isn't time for protest. Or, you have nothing at all and nothing to lose, so protest comes out of desperation.
If you have more than 100 friends, it's likely you know someone who would belong in the general definition of the 1%. If nothing else, if you're you ate in the last 24 hrs. and you're living indoors in North America or Europe, you're in the privileged 5% of the world's population. 1-out-of-5 of those OECD people are the world's 1%. Those same North Americans and Europeans are protesting and angry about some cabal of money changers. What is this? 1937 Germany?
Since when did bashing on a minority regain favour? Have we popped a seam from a moral point-of-view? Has sucking in our gut to accept different skin colors, religions and sexual orientations allowed us to spill over with vitriol because the Pareto principle is in play and it has benefited some people? Are people ready to drag JK Rowling through the streets? If not, why not? She's wealthy. Her books have out-performed almost all contemporaries. One of the books was given the mock title of "Harry Potter and the End Of Trees" because of how much pulp was turned into paper to satisfy the ravenous hordes of readers. By all classic standards she is one of the 1%, so you can't pick-and-choose who you have runaway intolerance for. But if want to let her into the grey zone between good and evil, that limbo needs to have some more room.
These people who have exceptional control over our lives went into those fields to do what they're doing and they're doing it well. Are they making too much money? Yes-- but they've immolated themselves in their career to get there. Crazy long hours and personal sacrifices. They've climbed up the layer cake. They've use the principles of interest accumulation (they should, they know it chapter-and-verse). The paid for their present with a sociopathic regard for those around them in the past. That allowed them to get where they are today. If they opted for weaving or cooking, they'd likely be focused at those talents, but because they're cooking financial schemes instead of flapjacks, they're in control of our finances.

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