I wish to forever live on Franday. And I would like all my days to be Franday.

FridayThis isn't about Fran Drescher
Franday is a fusion of three great days of the week. I search out this combination of relaxation and work. I have lots of things I want to do: the longest I could goof off without going bonkers is likely three days. But, I would like to take a break as the need arises. I really try to live a blended life where I can carry out some work, some leisure and some service to others. This is how life was before the industrial revolution when we had to fit ourselves in the machinery of industry. Ironically, living in the digital era, work can happen in a discrete way. I can design from a laptop and I can carry out work from a smart phone and a tablet. When an office worker looks at their week, very little really needs them to be at their desk. We live in a 24x7 work world but we’re supposed to only expect to work 40 hours a week. We’re working much more because of that 24x7 nature and the way to restore the work balance is to loosen the grip on the 9 to 5 routine. Declare it to be Franday: a blend of three types of days.
Friday – When work is done and you’re looking to forward to the days ahead. What a great way to live out a day! The Monday doldrums are horrible: if you live out your Monday with dread of the week, or Sunday with dread of Monday, that’s giving over a lot of your week to dread. Find a way to look forward to the next day.
Saturday – All of the shops are open and you don’t have any direct responsibilities. It’s a day for doing stuff around the house and doing stuff with friends. That’s a great place to be: time for recreation and even a little time for work.
Sunday – I used to wake up early on Sundays and work until everyone else got up. There were not much email flow and no one thought to call—as much as Saturday was a connected day, Sunday morning was a pocket of time. The ideal Franday should have some room to stitch in a pocket of time where something you want can come about.
If you work at it, all of your days can be Frandays: time to produce, time for recreation and room to find time that is all your own. All you need to do is shape your days have this blended balance.

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