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We fight the battle of the bulge. My family does and our society does. To combat obesity and physical fitness, my daughter has PE (physical education) and DPA (daily physical activity). Obviously, School District #61 wants to pay lip service to health and fitness-- that is, until someone dangles money in front of them.

My daughter came home with an example of the Save Around Book-- a book of "entertainment" "values." These have crept into our schools-- I think we sold these when I was a kid. As budgets have shrunk, some businesses have moved in to spearhead fund raising to put money into the school coffers for the special things. The company promises to hand over "40 - 50%" of the proceeds, or $8.00 on every $25.00 book sold! It's an irony that a school doesn't have anyone available to check that math.

In the last month, we've been hyper-sensitive to the impact of restaurants on our pocketbook and our waistline. For a long time, we've tried to steer clear of fast food. The Latter Day Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen is just as prevalent in the school system as it is in our society. People who would never mock someone for being black or having cancer or having star-shaped sideburns love to take pot-shots at fat people. We get it. My daughter is a vegetarian in no small part because of the jabs about her weight at school from all levels of interaction.

We flipped through this book-- half of it is FAST FOOD. We're using food as entertainment? I know our culture does, but that doesn't make it right. It is true that a two whole pages of the book are rec centre coupons, but that's like putting the 1-800 line for AA on bottles of beer. For a school system that pushes physical activity at the expense of academic achievement, it is hypocritical to use greasy burgers as a hook to raise funds. It is irresponsible. When the debates come for would be school board trustees, I will be asking specifically why this occurs and I want the existing board members who are dancing to be re-elected to justify facilitating obesity to pay for field trips and soccer balls.

My daughter usually sells four to five books per year. I am going to send a cheque to $32 to the school's principal with a letter outlining our views on this topic. I am boycotting this book. I urge you to follow my lead: hand the school a little bit of money; boycott the Save Around or the Entertainment Book; and use this as one more opportunity to not buy fast food.

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