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The Product of Years and Years of Scribbling
I'm a lucky writer. I've been published. I want to give anyone
who has tried to succeed at getting their work published some advice:
  • Write, Write, Write - You've heard it before, but it's very true. Write about what you know about, what you think about. Write a little as an exercise. Write alot as part of a jihad. Write. Some people say that if you don't write every day, you're not a writer. Hog-wash. Write as often as you can: Sunday mornings; evenings; binge-write on vacations; scribble while on the bus; or write when it moves you (even if that's twice a year).
  • Always Listen To Criticisms - If someone says, 'It sucks!' Ask why. If someone wasn't interested, ask why. When you get the answer you'll know one of two things: the person with the critique is either ill equipped to rate work; or they have good advice that can put you on track. A writer challenges the world with ideas. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.
  • Rejections Are Really Common - I had a stack of rejections slips that was (no lie) 10 inches thick. Don't let it get you down.
  • Sell From The Top Down - When you flog your work, start at the pinnacle of your field: the best newspaper, the best publisher; and/or the best magazine in the genre. When they say, 'no' keep going down. You might get surprised. I did when I sold my piece to the Globe And Mail.
  • Publish On The Web - Eventually someone will notice your work, even if you've had no success elsewhere. When Seinfeld went off the air, people downloaded my sample script in droves, like they needed a hit of that Jerry Seinfeld-style wit.
  • Satisfy Your Most Important Audience - You. You are the only person guaranteed to read your work. A billion may eventually read it. But you're the first one to read it. If you don't like it, keep working on it. Once it's perfect and you love how it looks and how it sounds: great. If you never publish it or never try, you will have made at least one person happy: you.
Here's what I've published:
The Globe And Mail article
How Eaton's Crumbled

Globe And Mail essay

I lost five years of my life in the wretched hellhole that was Eaton's.
It ruined me financially and held up my progress in life for five years. Why
did I stay so long? Desperation. They gave just enough work to barely survive,
but not enough to save so that you could get to the next job. I have a word of
advice to anyone who is fearful of quitting because the paycheques (no matter how
small) are regular. I quit and went through a few months of chaos. I now make 8 times
what I did then; and I was able to write this nifty little article about the
decline and fall of an inept retailer.
I've had a spotty record of publishing. A few things here and there. Some for good money
some for peanuts. Some pieces were good; others were pathetic. Good, bad and horrible,
here is a list of everything I've published:
  • Artwork for Fandom Zone #2
  • Cartoon Ideas for Space Gamer #74 and #75 Steve Jackson Games)
  • Articles and reviews for VIP Of Gaming #1 - #5 (Diverse Talents Inc.)
  • Contributing Editor for VIP Of Gaming #3 - #5 (Diverse Talents Inc.)
  • Articles for Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer #77, #78, #79, #82, #85 (Diverse Talents Inc.)
  • Articles for Dragon magazine #116, #129, #132, #133, #172, #177 (TSR Inc.)
  • Review for Different Worlds #46 (Sleuth Publications)
  • Game material for TSR game module AC11 (TSR Inc.)
  • Game adventure and material for TSR module DL15 (TSR Inc.)
  • Articles for Island Fantazine (Island Fantasy house magazine)
  • Playtesting for Steve Jackson Games (GURPS
    Cyberpunk & GURPS Japan
  • Article for White Wolf #21 (White
    Wolf Publishing
  • Material in "Mansions Of Madness" for Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium Inc.)

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