The Maori Hoax

In my life I have met zero Maori tribesmen. Should I discount the Maori as a hoax? Sure, they've appeared on TV and in fictional works like The Piano. But really, they may have been faked. They could be people from South Asia paraded around to build the illusion. Maori sightings could just be Tahitians. It's easy to explain away the Maori Hoax for what it is.
Oh wait. Everyone accepts that the Maori are real even though most people have never met one, seen one or heard about them.

We have thoroughly convinced ourselves that aliens coming to Earth and UFOs are far-fetched. We're convinced that people who think UFOs are more than swamp gas are nuts. Right now, you're shaking your head that I'm ranting.
Imagine how the villagers in Hispanola reacted to the one person who saw sails on the horizon in 1492? He came down and said, "something is coming from the ocean-- from the East." His contemporaries would say "sure, sure... but nothing comes from the East." Until Colombus and his cronies climbed out from the boat it wasn't real to the locals.
How long would it take for us for believe there are UFOs hovering over us? We thought we were fair people until we were exposed as being bigots and chauvinists. We didn't believe that there were abuses in Iraqi prisons. We didn't believe that Stalin's body count was higher than Hitlers. Until it's completely obvious and vetted by our sources of trust do we pay attention. Imagine if we didn't believe in Maoris? That disbelief doesn't stop a Maori New Zealander from booking a flight and vacationing in Vancouver. While you disbelieve their existence, they're thumbing through racks of t-shirts and tourist trinkets in front of you.
The last two weeks have seen many reports of UFOs: El Paso, Manhattan, England, China, Russia, Italy, etc.. There have been different reports and videos. I don't even dare call the videos "video evidence" for fear of being ridiculed. That's what's going on: until an alien gets in front of you in a food fair line up, you've been trained to believe they don't exist.

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