2018: People Are Cargo

This is cool:
Google has self-driving cars.
They say that they are years from there being self-driving cars on the roads. If you look at Victoria's Colwood Crawl: one moment of distraction or indecision at the intersection can boil down into 1000 cars crawling towards a suburb.

Computers have a much better reaction time than people, though their capacity for reasoning is poor. The litmus test would be to put a self-driving car into a demolition derby and see if it comes out with a scratch. This is why plastic cars haven't come into vogue. All it takes it for one car to be an all-steel beast from 1962 and the rest of the vehicles become prey-- certain to be shredded in all accicents. As long as there are non-auto-driven cars on the road, self-driven cars will have problems.

As I like to say about driving: it's not what you do, it's what the bad driver next to you does.

And: are self-driven cars "hackable?" Could a self-driven car be capable of getting more aggressive subroutines? Could it be convinced to speed when, say, Google Liveview says that there are no police up ahead? Could it programmed to be an a-hole? And, self-driving will be cool when smart devices (think iPhone or Google smarts) get on the road. But what happens with they have to share the road driven with Microsoft driven cars (the Blue Windscreen of Death)? This is all why there are Google self-driving cars on the road now, but it will be at eight years before we see them in your car.

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