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Years back, I started a severe diet. I dropped from 260lbs. to 200lbs. in three months; then 200lbs. to 170lbs. in the six months thereafter. It worked and it's not advised at all. One cornerstone of the dieting was exercise: about 6 miles of walking every day. I'm back at it. This time, I need to walk towards a wifi source so that I can work when I get there, incorporating the exercise into my daily routine.
Another approach: if I need to indulge, I can spend the equivalent calories getting the food as I would from eating that food. For example: In 30 minutes, walking at my weight will burn about 240 calories. To burn off a Pizza Hut personal pepperoni pizza, I would have to walk for about shy of 90 minutes. If I wanted the pizza, I'd have to earn it.
There's the concept of "Getting to Yes" and transferred to dieting, think of it as "Getting to Thin"-- what is your excuse for keeping the pounds?
  • No time - I lost a LOT of time with my job. The new job will be busy, but I will be able to exercise a little more. The way to lose weight when you have no time is to incorporate it into your life. Walk for errands instead of driving-- that converts the driving time into exercise time and subsidizes your exercise time.
  • Substitute - Some foods are almost calorie neutral, like broccoli. Others can step in for high calorie foods (eg. out with pasta and sub it for green beans).
  • Be A Pack Mule - DON'T CARRY TOO MUCH. Got the warning? Good. While you're fat, that extra weight is chubby gold for the sake of burning calories. The more you weigh, the more calories you burn in carrying out tasks like walking and running. As you lose weight, your body has less work to perform and fewer calories to burn. Skew your weight loss by remembering to pack as much as you need to carry. I cart a heavy laptop-- it's as though I were 20lbs. heavier than I actually am. When running errands carting groceries home by hand is ironic: your groceries can aid you in your weight loss goal.

Want to run off your calories? Calculate/estimate your burn rate using this doohickey below:

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