Who Is This Mike DeWolfe Anyways?

Here is a list of things I like and love. Things I have done and things I plan to do.
I am a 50-ish year old living in Victoria BC. I’ve been writing since I could get my hands on a typewriter and I’ve been published for the last 35 years. Writing in the 80’s was done on computers. So an occupational hazard of the time was picking up programming. I’ve been programming for 33 years; and programming on the web for 23 years. I have been so busy working that I never stopped to try to build something big. That's not to say that I don't have big ideas. In 2012, I've taken the time to work on making those big ideas into a reality through our partnership, Those DeWolfes Creative.

These Things I Believe

These are some of my foundational beliefs and what makes me tick:
  • I am a Post-Nationalist. Nationalism is a recent idea. Communism was a swell idea that utterly failed. The same is true of Nationalism. Hundreds of millions of people have died through national struggles (victims of nations, killed while fighting for nations, etc.). The bloodiest time in all human history has been the last 300 years. We have to de-fang nations until such a time as they are disbanded.
  • I believe in an updated version of the Plebian / Patrician concept from the Roman Republic. Our society already has two stratas of the engaged and unengaged, we should move to formalize. Plebians (plebes) can live their lives without social expectations or a political voice: no jury duty and other relaxations, but they also have fewer civil rights. Patricians have direct access to the processes of government, they are responsible for serving society as a whole; and they are given some freedoms in exchange for practicing their responsibilities. The Roman Republic bestowed Patrician rights to families and at birth. I think we should be allowed to attain and surrender the Patrician role.
  • I believe we're post-scarcity. There are 2700+ calories/day of food available for every person on the globe. We're past scarcity in food and possibly on many other fronts. Our mindsets persist because scarcity (even artificial scarcity) is profitable. It means there can be idle rich, affluent lazy people and they can express control through enforcing poverty.
  • I'm a technocrat / Viridian. I think technology can solve problems, not make problems. We can have a shiny new future if we take the courage to build it. In a political system dominated by criminals and thugs of all sorts, technocracy doesn't get a lot of play. From election to election, I will wheel around the political spectrum, voting for the candidate in line with with my ideas, because I know they won't have the appropriate political leanings to really earn my long term support.
  • I'm a Monotheist. Many wise people have said wise things about the world beyond our mundane and presently tangible form. I can't subscribe to the approaches of people who follow currently significant religions, so I cannot follow their religion. They believe "love the sinner, not the sin." I believe "love the religion, not the religious."
  • Writers need to have something to write about. People who are solely writers are like bartenders who drink glass. All of the remarkable writers have storied lives that make up the foundation of their stories.
  • I'm skeptical of scholars. A new academic is working with new information and learning. An academic with 20 years of experience/tenure is imparting facts that can be 20 years or more out of date. Scholars should be propelling the expansion of knowledge and exposing new facts. Instead, they often entrench themselves in what they know.
  • I believe the Internet should lose its fixed artifacts (computers, handhelds, etc.). My goal with the Internet is to be left with is the knowledge and extended reach with less of a fixation on the technology and the hucksterism.
  • I think all ventures must earn their keep. Many ventures suck external energy or empart artifical energy. The Internet is rife with these hollow promises.

What am I doing for a living now?

Special Episodes

You know those special episodes of the Simpsons where nuclear technician Homer is a sideshow attraction at Lollapalooza or an astronaut? That’s happened to me over three decades of odd jobs and weird situations. Some were detours and some are exactly where I’ve wanted to go:
I am an Internet architect and co-founder of Those DeWolfes Creative. That boils down to me doing web development, solving problems and/or sourcing the right person for the right job. We work with a lot of interesting companies that do some cool stuff: international development, disability resources, spoken word art, painting, business matchmaking-- that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

What am I doing apart from working?

To be honest, a lot of my time is spent in front of a computer. My wife, Cheryl, and I co-run our company. We have a wonderful daughter who helps us see the world through new eyes. I try to spend time with friends and family. Whenever possible, I try to cook for them-- I like cooking way more than I like eating.
As time allows, I work on sculpture projects: zombie rabbits, post-apocalyptic accessories for dolls; oh, and a man-sized sculpture of Cthulhu. I use photography to capture my artwork and the world around me.

I am trying real hard...

Little Victories

You have take credit in your accomplishments. I would rather have more grandiose accomplishments Here are a few of my personal accomplishments:
  • We paid for our wedding without amassing a lot of debt.
  • We bought a house while I was self-employed
  • I’ve written four books (none published, thankfully)
  • I built a shed.
I have another list of stupid victories, that I'll share over a beer or a nice dark roast coffee, but I'll leave out of the digital domain... for now.
Some of my personal quests and goals:
  • To be a good person. I want to approach the enlightenment that seems so hard to find in people, but so commonly discovered in nature.
  • To Lose weight and be healthy. The aforementioned “time in front of a computer is part of the problem.”
  • I want to help others succeed.
  • I want to succeed with and because of the Purpose Party.
  • I want to raise a good person in my daughter. She doesn’t have to be pretty, smart or fast-- all I want is to have her be a good person and help those around her.
  • I want ventures to succeed: business, artistic, personal. I want to accomplish my goals for a host of reasons.
  • In Business, I have a few business ideas I am pursuing.
  • Creatively, I want to migrate through non-fiction to creative non-fiction and hopefully produce some fiction. I have a number of long form and short form works stewing. I need to take the time to put those out there
  • Artistically, I want to do much more sculpture, participate in an art walk, or even (gasp) have my own art show of peculiar outsider art-- stuff that smashes art in the head with a big bag of pop culture.
My own personal linkstorm:

Where I’ve lived

As a kid, I moved around, but my roots deepened over the last 15+ years.
  • Victoria
  • Nanaimo
  • Halifax
  • Calgary
  • Hamilton
  • Kimsquit
  • Cobble Hill

Social And Stats

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