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Weird phrases likely to encapsulate an idea in an expression:

AuRA - (noun). AUgmented Reality Application. An application that super-imposes additional information over top of existing more naturally derived information. For example, an iPhone that super-imposes restaurant information over a camera view of a city street where the restaurants are located.

Bottom Runger - (noun) . Someone who is hanging on to the bottom rung of the social ladder.Gothistute

Bottom Rungmobile - (noun) . Public transit-- specifically buses.

Delta - (noun) From Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". In his fictional ideal civilization, there are Alphas, Beta, Gammas and Deltas. Deltas are the drones who carry out menial tasks and live for doled out portions of soma. In our society, Deltas serve no useful purpose. Rather than carry out base chores, they're seen skateboarding, picking fights at bus stops and traipsing down the street with a case of Lucky at 2PM on a weekday. Idle Deltas separate our civilization from a utopia. A group of Deltas is refered to as a "grunge of Deltas."

Bowl Cracker - (noun) A large bowel movement that threatens to "crack the bowl" of the toilet.

Box of Dead Kittens - (noun) An event or circumstance that is bad and surprising in every respect.

Cooch Repair - (noun) a.k.a. Vaginal Rejuvenation and/or Labia Reduction.

E-mbarrassment - (noun) An embarrassment that comes at the hands of something found online, like racy pictures online or Facebook posts.

Ethical Vacancy - (noun) The current state of Western civilization. Ethical behaviour drives people to do the right thing because it is right. A state of ethnical vacancy means that you are compelled to do nothing "right." The only meter of whether something is not "right" is whether you are caught. For example: if you steal a car in an ethically vacant environment, it is only wrong if you get caught. The victim of the theft has to bear blame because they failed to keep the car from getting stolen.

Feeding Tube Hole - (noun) formerly a "belly button" or "navel" or "umbillicus".

Frankle - (noun) An ankle with bolts, pins or other hardware in it, following a fracture. The resulting ankle has a Frankenstein quality hence, Frankenstein Ankle

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FJudging - (verb) A smash-together of Fudging and Judging to denote a contest that has been rigged but is still juried to create the illusion of fairness. Eg. The 2000 US Presidential Election.

French Bread Test - (noun) French bread consists of four ingredients (flour, water, yeast, salt). The mark of a good baker is how well they can make french bread through techniques and attention to detail. If a baker refuses to make basic bread (ie. french bread), they may consider themselves a foodie, but they may also suck at baking.

Gothsitistute - (noun) Goth Prostitute.

Mastersses fancy a dates?Girlum - (noun) A girl or woman who shares a number of traits with the character Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Example traits: stringy hair, dark mis-sized eyes, raspy voice, jumpy dissettled manner, etc..

Lego Conundrum - (noun) Your can never find the piece you're looking for, but you can find it later when you're looking for another piece you cannot find.

Mantrum - (noun) This is a tantrum committed by a man. It can include whinging, sulking, sobbing and huffy crossed-arms.

Mexican Fire Drill - (verb) Similar to a Chinese Fire Drill. On command, every hops out of the car, runs around the car and one person hops into the trunk.

Oughts - (noun) . The years between the start of a century and the tenth year of that century. For example: as of this writing, it is two thousand ought eight (2008)

Shrillary - (noun) Hillary Clinton: 2008's Nelson Dewey

Sharping - (verb) To mark the thigh of a woman during oral sex with a small mark or symbol using an indelible marker. Commonly done where the woman cannot easily see herself and meant to warn future partners that the woman has been "sharped" before. Eg. "Yeah, I went down on her it looked like Jimmy and four other guys that sharped her in the last few months. Total skeez."

Scooterati - (noun) The crowd of senior citizens who take to the streets in their motorized scooters.

Shopleaving - (verb) To go to a garage sale or thrift shop and leave your junk items there as opposed to stealing them. An especially handy approach used to get rid of junk that you cannot give away or throw away.

Slave Chow - (noun) Food sold to people who are effective slaves in Western civilization. Qualities:

  • low to no nurtitional value
  • fatty but tasty
  • easy to buy
  • wrapped in paper or sold in a paper box
  • sold by staff who wear paper hats and/or have one or more stripes on their uniforms.
  • marketed through pop culture

Special Mitten Lane - (noun) Righthand lane on highways.

Traffic Crippling - (verb) When civil engineers and city planners talk about "traffic calming" they're really talking about "traffic crippling." Traffic crippling takes a flow of traffic. Rather than help motorists get from A-to-B as quickly as possible and leave the flow of traffic, they instead cripple the flow of traffic and frustrate motorists into using alternative travel means (e.g. a bus or bottom rungmobile). Traffic cripplers encourage air pollution by extending the period of any trip and raising the amount of pollutants created by any one motorist. Victoria BC and the Capital Regional District are strong proponents for traffic crippling. They have created metropolis like gridlock in a city that is barely large enough to be considered a city.

Thintelligent - (noun) Someone who is intelligent-- even a genius-- but only on one topic. For example, a programmer who can't pay his utility bill.

Symmertrical Surveillance - (noun) . A condition where citizens and government have the equal ability to monitor and record events that occur in public. Allows opportunities for citizen journalism and record keeping. It offers the possibility of justice as it fairly records illegal activities irregardless of who commits the crime.

Tramp Stamp - (noun) . The tattoo women put on their lower back, below their kidneys and above their thong panties. Excellent identifier of whether the female is a delta.

New information that I come across.

Vacay - (noun) . "Vacation" shortened so that mental 2-year olds can pronounce it much in the same way that "bottle" is shortened to "bah-bah." Commentary: If you don't have enough time to say "vacation" you don't have enough time to take a "vacay".

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