Mask Studio

Masks, Make-Up And Make-Believe
Just what the heck am I doing? I am designing masks and prosthetics as inspired by SF, fantasy and my own
imagination. I work in latex, papier mache, wire-and-plaster and other mediums. Most of my pieces are sold. I have some
evolutionary pieces still kicking around and I am working through a new design.
If you want to see some of my older pieces, I have a gallery available. It includes older pieces that aren't lumped in with the 'experimental' pieces above.
I am working on a couple of designs right now and hope to have a large release for the summer to coincide with Halloween retailers' late buying. Any forthcoming mass produced designs will
be available here. I am also available to do commissions but because of the time outlay and materials, this may be a prohitive option for most.

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