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I have been programming since the early 80's. Back then it was simple stuff in BASIC on Apple ][s and IBM XTs. I didn't like GUI development and moved more into writing as an interest. I returned to programming for a short while when I got a 386 and did some small experiments with Turbo C. Back then, it was a hobby. When I had an graphic fly around the screen (all from DOS mind you) at the command of a joystick, a twerp CompSci buddy said "You can't do that. You can't know how to do that!" I got side tracked again and returned to programming in 1997. This time, I started developing CGI scripts and Active Server Pages. Since then, I have developed applications in Perl, PHP, VB, JavaScript, VBScript, C++, Tcl Ruby on Rails, C# and Python. My language of choice is PHP followed Perl then VBScript. I have tinkered with Java, VC++ and other "popular" languages. I like PHP and Perl. They work and they're versatile.

What you will find here is a list of my scripts available for download. They come without any sort of a warranty or implied tech support. When I posted some JavaScript a couple of years ago I got a throng of web-wieners who emailed with "I need that script to do this. Please send it to me tomorrow working as I require." Sorry, Charlie. Free scripts come without an in-flight movie. If they don't do what you require, consider yourself refunded in full.

  • Transaction Management System
    For a while, I've been interested in alternative economies. My weirdo mindset is that no productive person should ever be poor. But, people work to keep others away from money. I say, "let them keep it." LETS and other barter exchanges can work to top up people's potential. To that end, I built for LETS a transaction system. It tracks sales, membership records and the offers that requests that the membership make. It can output its data in Excel spreadsheet format and give users a lot of interactivity with the system.

    This year, the people at the Victoria LETS and I decided that we wanted to package up this system and sell it to other barter exchanges. Of course, we will be accepting partial barter in payment.

  • Daccor
    I built this ASP driven CMS. Curently, I am adding about one module per week to expand its functionality. Here's what it can do now:
    • News - Timely information can be added to the site. Daccor organizes the news, sorts it allows visitors to search the site.
    • Articles - You can add material to your site for visitors to read. Talk about what you're doing.
    • Links - Linking is common to many websites. This module allows you add new links. It also searches for expired links and alerts you
    • Calendar of Events - Keep visitors informed about upcoming events.
    • Search Engine - Search the modules for relevant information
    • Page Management - Keep all your web pages open for review and updates.
    • Associate Program Management - Sell Amazon, Powells and other books through your site.
    • Realty Listings-- Commercial, Residential, Business Opportunity and Residential Rental
    • Banner Management - Sell banner space and manage those banners those your own banner management system.
    • Classified Advertisement - Add a classifieds section to your site. Generate revenue and/or interest.

    In a few weeks these features will come online:

    • FAQ Organization - Frequently asked questions are organized with this module.
    • HR Position Posting - Post openings on your site. This system will remove listings after a date of your choice. No more late applications.
    • PDF Press Release Generation - Write press releases then let this system generate PDFs for easy download.
    • Online Interactive Forum - Allow your visitors to talk to one another. Form an online community
    • Portfolio Organization - Organize examples of your work.
    • Third party RSS News Aggregation - Draw in news from around the web. Reproduce it on your site.
  • Gallery ASP
    • ASP driven (Microsoft IIS servers)
    • Using Persits ASPJpeg, this builds thumbnail images and finds image dimensions.
    • Two views of the gallery images: With and without JavaScript preview
    • Input supporting information: title, description and categorize images.
    • Upload images and then use admin function to scan and input images into a database.
    • Easy set-up.

  • Multiple Field Shopping System
    A few years ago I was tapped by a couple of weasels (who looked a lot like Lewis and Oswald from the Drew Carey show) to do a project that they called "UpCart." They ran afoul of numerous creditors, the law and the Hell's Angels. They never paid me for this work and so I have opened it up for general release and tinkering.

    It's a shopping cart system where the administrator can open it up and put in as many fields of as many kinds as they wish.

    It still needs work, but consider it yours to tinker with and/or raid for code:
    Visit SourceForge

Unsorted goodies are available in my Programming list.

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