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I've committed myself to losing my fattitude in 2011. It's actually a two year process: 2011 will be to lose 15 to 5 pounds per month (the last few months will be painfully unimpressive). 2012 will be the year I keep at that weight and let my body dispense with the excess cells. Your cells regenerate and your body does an ongoing clean-up. When you lose your weight, it's like you're vacating an apartment: the suites stay put even though empty. Fat cells hold and release fat. If you relax after your initial success with dieting, new fat will move into the available fat cells. This is why boomerang dieting is so common. What you have to do after you lose your weight is stay on a rigid diet for at least a year after you've reached your goal. If you do that, your body will start to dispense with the fat cells-- akin to tearing down apartment blocks.
In the next year, I have to lose my weight and I've chosen to do it through diet changes and walking. Or so I thought: I was walking 2 1/2+ miles per day. In the last two weeks, I started to get tremendous shin pains. If there's such a thing as "no pain no gain"-- this pain should have lost me 60 pounds. In truth, it was doing the opposite. The shin pain was a huge negative reinforcement to exercise. I developed shin splints, so bad that I couldn't move any muscles below my knee. I had new Doc Martens: sturdy boots. They looked great, but they're not so hot for walking long distances.
I have a hard time with shoes. You have to wear them to see if they work. I have left the store with a variety of shoes only to find them giving me screaming pains, no relief and no refunds. If you look at my shoes, you may find me wearing ratty shoes: it's because it's the pair I can wear and I will wear them out before moving on to new and potentially painful shoes. So, I went into a specialty running shoe store and worked with the salesperson. I tried out a lot of shoes, arriving at the pair that worked for me. They weren't cheap, but they work. Because they work, I can walk, lose weight and regain my health. All I had to do was pay money to protect my feet.

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