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I have been in some state of a diet for years. Don’t eat, watch that. Careful. You sure you want to eat that. Remember Apollo 13? Remember when they stuff Gary Sinise into the simulator to work out the re-entry procedure in such a way that it doesn’t go over its voltage? That’s me, but instead, I’m doing the math on my calories, vitamins, fat, carbs and proteins.

I’ve been doing that for every goddamned meal for the last several years. If I have a Big Mac Meal (862 calories) I will compensate elsewhere in my diet to get it to a ceiling of 1500 calories and an ideal daily total of 1200 calories. The problem is: every meal sticks to me. When I go light on a succession of meals, nothing happens. If I indulge, I gain weight. This has been ratcheting in one direction for years.
Gee: maybe exercise would help?!? Sure—how about 2 to 5 kilometers per day of walking? Sure, because entrepreneurs have nothing but free time, right? Regardless, I added in exercise.
What does sensible eating, calorie counting and exercise get me? NOTHING. Two months of the diet couple with the exercise and the net result has been no weight loss at all.
I’m really fat. I’m now weighing in at 300 lbs. I should be able to sleep my way to a 2500 calorie per day burn. 1500 calories minus 2500 to 3100 calories per day burns should create some weight loss. My net effect: no weight loss.
This prolonged siege on my waistline has likely triggered the starvation reflex. In other words, dieting has made my weight loss harder. That’s like saying saving your money and living frugally will bankrupt you. The laws of chemistry, biology and physics say this in impossible, but my scale says otherwise.
I looked at ways to kick-start my metabolism. I have tried tablets with capsicum to superheat my metabolism. I intake a lot of coffee (black). I drink tea (also, black). Pop is out of my diet and diet pop is has also been out for months. When I read up on ways to kick-start my metabolism, I found that food rich in B-vitamins are an excellent way to do that. The list of foods they mention include spinach, asparagus, beans (navy, soy, black beans), melon, broccoli, fish, poultry and eggs. The also suggested foods rich in magnesium: nuts such as almonds, cashews and peanuts, soybeans (edamame), and lentils. The metabolic boosters closely match my diet. If they had mentioned peppers, onions and cauliflower, they would have described almost all of my diet.
So, exercise and diet choices are not doing anything for my metabolism. Today, we broke for lunch. My daughter had her lunch at the food fair and I looked at the room full of people eating fast food: greasy, calories laden crap. Lots of the people were skinny. Lots of them were regulars. I’ve heard the common refrain: "oh, they have active lifestyles" and "it’s easy to keep weight under control when you’re young" are just a few of the theories. I call BS. That argument doesn't hold water from a biological perspective. Calories in turn into energy, they get stored, or they get passed out. That dude two tables over gets the monster burrito. I get the black unsweetened iced tea. I'm fat. He's not.
Being overweight is the new black (and not in a good way). Obesity isn’t a bigger pant size. It conveys a lack of will, a sloppiness and ultimately some kind of stupidity. Watch the TV ads: the guy who can’t figure it out is usually fat and usually also a dude. The person with all the solutions is usually fit. If Churchill ran for office today, he’d be laughed off of the nomination ballot. Fat usually carries a deep stigma. It’s like we can handle only so much tolerance. Acceptance of different races, ideologies and personal choices has caused us to pop a seam when it comes to fat people. Crappy attitudes and opinions that you would never venture against anyone else are welcome ammunition for fat people. Imagine if you went to a woman with breast cancer and mocked her for bringing it on herself by using make-up. Imagine refusing treatment for people with Parkinsons because they used drugs earlier in life and raised the risk of developing Parkinson’s later? Blaming people for not resisting precursor behavior is fair game against fat people. It gets better: because obesity is caused by a lack of will, the medical profession shouldn’t “bail these people out” and research or carry out new solutions to remedy obesity. It’s like going to someone with Parkinsons and saying, "learn to stop shaking!" It’s like going to a guy who fell down a ravine and shouting, “watch out next time!” before abandoning him.
It’s imperative that people like me succumb to the need to lose weight. Less food and more exercise is not making a change. The medical profession considers obesity to be a position of moral weakness, not excess tissue. So, I’m getting exasperated and desperate. I’m fasting until I lose weight, or prove to the world that the laws of physics and biology have been repealed inside of my belt.

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