Future Mike

Future Mike was angry that I ate that popcorn.
You’d think it would hard to be really fat. It’s really hard to carry a bunch of boxes for a long period of time. Thinking that I had to haul around 100 lbs. of suet with me everyday should make me livid. But it’s surprising straightforward to incorporate and live with.

Obesity is about inevitability. Obesity should be hard to maintain. As you gain weight your daily usage of calories climbs-- your metabolism burns calories per kilo of weight per hour-- just sitting here being fat burns calories. There should come a point of fattitude where you can't afford enough calories to stay fat; enough time to eat those many calories. But those fat deposits weigh you down and make exercise hard. The net effect is that fat people keep their fat.
The only way to make something a winning proposition is to making it an inevitable downhill trip. Packing on the pounds became inevitable, which make it easy to happen. You have to find a way to make weight loss inevitable.
It’s hard to imagine and visualize something that hasn’t happened. The 1980s should have been called the decade without vision. We thought we were going to die because the Cold War would in nuclear Armageddon. It seemed like South Africa would be locked in Apartheid forever. People could not envision alternate and hopeful futures which stymied them from being a part of bringing them about. It also stopped them from planning on how to capitalize on them.
Here’s an exercise. Quantum Leap, Peggy Sue Got Married, Being Ericka: all shows were someone’s present day consciousness is thrown into the past. They have the retroactive foresight to know what’s ridiculous and what they should have done. You can’t know the future, but you can forecast. Get into the head space of the future thin you: your practices, your attitude. How does future you react to the fat you? Does future you try to smack the food out of your hands? Future you should shout at present you like Ebenezer Scrooge shouted at the visions he saw. If future thin, fit you cannot convince you to make different choices, maybe you need to two imaginary co-pilots like an angel and a devil. One side is the fit future urging you to come closer to take the inevitable steps that will lead you: better diet, less bad food, more exercise and maybe some medical help. On the other side is the fatter, sicker less vibrant you saying, "Look over here! This is where you’re heading! Bring me a donut and a slurpee when you come this way." Do the extrapolation of what older you looks like if you listen to future fit you vs. future fat you. Follow the steps you need to do and listen to future you badgering you while drawing you closer to his reality. Listen to the fit future personality and take the steps you need to lose the weight and gain your health back.

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