Walk it off

Years back, I started a severe diet. I dropped from 260lbs. to 200lbs. in three months; then 200lbs. to 170lbs. in the six months thereafter. It worked and it's not advised at all. One cornerstone of the dieting was exercise: about 6 miles of walking every day. I'm back at it.

April 2010: The Month of Kvetch

Perspective means that one man's disaster is another man's bonus. Looking at my world in a positive light: my employer thinks I'm great, my daughter misses me when I'm away and my long lost family wants to reach out. Sometimes, I'm a glass half-empty guy... April went down as one of the worst months in memory. It was so bad, that I couldn't talk about it until this week.

How Deposit Insurance Works

I quizzed the banking and credit deposit insurance about what happens when a bank goes under. My thinking: with all of the "Canadian banks can't fail" talk, there is too much smugness afoot. It begs for a big bank or credit union in Canada to collapse. When my Mom tried to move her RRSP to another company, her credit union refused to acknowledge her request to move. I think they were holding onto the cash for dear life. People are living on debt and saving for their retirement, so when a bank falls apart it will likely be when their RRSP management falls apart.

Some of them dang Adsense books-- actually free for download

How many "Earn Six Figures!" books are out there? I've gotten a bunch of these, now. For the ones that are free to re-distribute, I have posted them online. Feel free to check them out.

Social And Stats

My Brand Yourself-- no wait, that doesn't make sense!

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