Promote Your Kindle Book

We have a new ebook out, Pin It To Profit and we're going to try to hype on Memorial Day Weekend with a free promo.

Fattitude vs. Attitude

I fill the lens. Any lens.

I'm a big fat ass. This year I've devoted myself to do something about it. What is "something?"

How-to Build A Gutter Planter

If you can grow out, grow up. I love the idea of turning gutters into growing space. I set to the task of building gardening space out of gutters and some pressure treated wood.

I Want To Build Solutions Not Solve Problems

I like solving problems, but hate perpetually repairing and amending stuff. I briefly worked at a hotel (yep, I was a chamber maid). I couldn't stand the daily routine of making beds. I don't have a problem doing hard work, but I have a problem re-doing that same work.

Do Go There Girlfriend!

"Why didn't you do that one?"

It's Time to Ignore the Voters Again

The tiniest surprise in Victoria came out: the bridge project is over budget. On the heels of finding out that the city has some Federal money coming, the MMM group announced that cost overruns will gobble up all of that assistance and take the current price tag to about $92,800,000.

This is Garbage

For some time, the City Hall employees have run the government and treated the elected council like transient royalty. Embarrassing shortcomings from the City sting the politicians. The bureaucrats throw up a wall to keep political inquiries at bay.

How to Reverse the Effects of BPA

If you're wondering how you and your dog are both getting fat, it could be as simple as canned foods. Many canned products are lined with a protective coating so that the contents of the food (like the acidity of canned tomatoes) doesn't interact with the metal to create erosion and spoilage. That protective layer is commonly made of Bis-phenol A (BPA).

More Golf Courses! More Golf Courses!

Tonight, a public meeting regarding the 2012 shortfall for the Cedar Hill Golf Course was held. As CTV News reported, the municipal golf course is projected to lose over $800,000 this year. It was announced earlier this month that the full service restaurant on the course would be reduced to a light food and beverage operation to address a food services deficit of over $500,000.

Sunsnap - Solar (FINALLY) Goes Mainstream

Sharp's Solar Energy Solutions Group has introduced the SunSnap AC Solution, a photo- voltatic cell that's ready to go on the retail market. It's a solar electric appliance designed to expand and simplify the mainstream adoption and use of solar energy for homeowners. It ships with a 25-year guarantee. Under full sunlight, it's supposed to generate 235 watts of power. If your Sunsnap fails in the next 25 years, Sharp guarantees it will make it right.

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