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"What do you want to do when you grow up?"
That's a question that people get asked, but by the time you're 40, you should have it figured out. I haven't nor have others. I want to write, sculpt, program, be a captain of industry (allbeit on a small boat) and I want to have a life beyond toil.
In our age bracket, we're sandwiched. The prior generation has either cashed out early and are enjoying a life of envious leisure; or they're at their desks, entrenched and refusing to retire. In the 1960s, full-time work was the defacto option. Part-time work was what kids did after school. By the time I entered the job market part-time was often all that was offered. International trade sent manufacturing work overseas.

Pay Protection Money

I've committed myself to losing my fattitude in 2011. It's actually a two year process: 2011 will be to lose 15 to 5 pounds per month (the last few months will be painfully unimpressive). 2012 will be the year I keep at that weight and let my body dispense with the excess cells. Your cells regenerate and your body does an ongoing clean-up. When you lose your weight, it's like you're vacating an apartment: the suites stay put even though empty. Fat cells hold and release fat. If you relax after your initial success with dieting, new fat will move into the available fat cells. This is why boomerang dieting is so common. What you have to do after you lose your weight is stay on a rigid diet for at least a year after you've reached your goal.

Fat Math

New Years is the time for resolutions and usually those mean dieting. I have sworn off resolutions, but New Years for me has two important qualities: it's the first period after Christmas where the ritual gluttony can end; and it's the beginning of longer days after Dec. 21st's darkest day.

That last time I lost my weight, I largely walked it off. If I intend on doing it again, I have to overcome something I call, "Fat Math."

The Maori Hoax

In my life I have met zero Maori tribesmen. Should I discount the Maori as a hoax? Sure, they've appeared on TV and in fictional works like The Piano. But really, they may have been faked. They could be people from South Asia paraded around to build the illusion. Maori sightings could just be Tahitians. It's easy to explain away the Maori Hoax for what it is.
Oh wait. Everyone accepts that the Maori are real even though most people have never met one, seen one or heard about them.

2018: People Are Cargo

This is cool:
Google has self-driving cars.
They say that they are years from there being self-driving cars on the roads. If you look at Victoria's Colwood Crawl: one moment of distraction or indecision at the intersection can boil down into 1000 cars crawling towards a suburb.

Back in the Days of Silver Rocketships

One common complaint about e-books is that they are just too expensive. But you don't have to pay those prices if you don't want to.

The truth is: some of them are. It's not unusual to see an ebook for $20 or more when the hardcover can be ordered for $15.

I'm The Last GrandFather

I have been ruminating on the Singularity for some time. Rudy Rucker's PostSingular was a great story about an omniscient network that anyone can tie into at any time. I think that the Singularity is more than just about information. It's about transforming us into supermen. But to transform us into supermen, the current human race is going to have become extinct. If Verner Vinge's math is right, the Singularity will come into swing during my daughter's adult life, maybe after she's started a family.

Drugs: The solution and cause of life's problems

I continue to hover in a state of non-weight-loss. The great thing with walking: it allows for decent results for the time you put in. The downside: it takes ALOT of time. What am I to do?

The Next Star Wars Should Be Open Source

When I was 10 years old, I accidentally committed an intellectual property theft against poor George Lucas. Giddy with the euphoria of Star Wars, I wrote my own script for Star Wars part 3-- this would allow Lucas to make his sequel then they could do mine :D. It was all of the good screenwriting that you would expect out of a 10 year old (but likely better than anything Uwe Boll has ever done). It was fan fiction.

What Comes After Steampunk

There were lots of trends that geeks have latched onto in the last decade

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