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The HST will go. To be replaced by the H-S-T

It's obvious why the HST Referendum results are not going to be released until Friday at 4PM. Reporters are lazy; viewers don't watch the news on the weekend; and people forget stuff fast.
Why do you think there's so much crime on the news? It's because the police issue press releases and the reporters regurgitate it. There's a lot going on in our community and little of it is crime related, but you wouldn't know that from the news. A reporter friend of mine and I have had this debate. I've said that budget cuts in media have made old media employees scramble to do a large job in little time. Instead, my reporter friend counters that it's because some reporters are just lazy.

For Jack

Some good should come from the passing of Jack Layton.
From a career standpoint, he took his party and made it into the Official Opposition. He was known for his tireless efforts in social causes and politics. But there are two points I want to make about his farewell letter (repeated below).

The Dream Architect

I want to go somewhere in my life. More to the point, I want to live somewhere-- this is not a geographical location per se. It’s a mindset I want to live in. Really, if our reality is sensory input then our world is as much about who we are as it is about what world we think we live in. You can’t forget that people live happy and fulfilling lives in environments that we think are Hell on Earth. Conversely, some people who appear to “have it made” have lives in tatters. To figure out the world you want to live in, you have to figure out what you enjoy. Use what you enjoy as the building materials for your world.

I make a point of meeting people who have the life I think I want just to see what that shoe looks like when its on someone else’s foot.

Borrowed Wires

When I was a kid, the coolest thing under the tree was a set of walkie-talkies. A friend and I could disappear into the wilderness, fire up the walkie-talkies and chat away over the scatchy radio system. This obsession was part of a national thing. On the road, there was CB radio (insert mental images of 8 year old me drooling over the Radio Shack catalog and those awesome 40 channel CB radios)! People were not tethered to the phone system. Truckers could warn you about what lay over the next hill. That was life in 1976.

Will We Have a Free Internet by 2015?

The BBC has a great piece about how the US is going to regulate the Internet into being a sanitized corporate tool. Ten years ago, we didn't think porno-scanners and surrendering nail clippers would be common place at airports. I think in five years, we'll all be comfortable with a China-style Internet experience.

The Hour of the Kilowatt

The days of wampum are over. The roller coaster of the last 65 years should be telling us that we're on the wrong ride.

Currency grew out of the need to make goods and services portable. You didn’t need to carry the side of beef from the farm around with you to pay for debts, you sold it to the butcher who gave you some silver and let you walk away with currency. Gold and silver are comparatively rare, so attaching scarcity and value to the minerals meant that you abstract the value of items but keep it consistent.

Wish List

Here's my wish list along with some justification. These are items I want to do / have / accomplish. This is the stuff I want to do :

  • Lose weight - Bad diet choices stick to me like glue. Good exercise-- months and months of it-- does nothing. All that said, weight loss is possible.
  • Affiliate Revenue - I want to be able to nail how to make affiliate revenue. My Amazon Associates account climbs at a rate of $10/year. It's really disappointing.

Goals: Downloading, Obligations and Reciprocity - Part 1

When people talk about realizing their dreams and doing wonderful things-- about seizing the day and living a purposeful life-- it seems like great gains come at the expense of some necessary part of the equation. Like someone who can take his friend out for dinner by skipping out on the bill. When I try to consider living up to my vision and attaining my goals in life, I will sometimes get held up by three things: downloading, obligations and reciprocity. Were it not for these external factors I wonder what I could accomplish.

Downloading is a common tactic in the “get rich quick” and the “carpe diem crowd”.

Hacking It -- Movies about breaking the mold.

Sensing a trap is the first step in defeating a trap. Likewise, knowing you have a problem says that you have to find a solution. There is a string of movies where the characters in the movie figure out what’s going on and they “hack” it. They break the rules to their benefit-- they lop out bad rules, remix their reality and get what they want in the end.. When you say that you can’t do something or that there are rules in the way, maybe you just need to hack your current reality to make your circumstances align with your goals. I love movies, so here’s a short list of movies I like about people who have “hacked it.”

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  • Ask and Ye Shall Receive

    “Be careful what you wish for.”
    “Ask. Believe. Receive.”
    “Success will test a man’s mettle more than combat.”
    “You get what you pay for.”
    “Ask and Ye shall Receive”
    All of these truisms say the same thing: when you get what you’re trying to get, you may not like what you get. In doing the Purpose Party thing, I’ve come to it with some built in theories and beliefs:
    The Laws of Attraction have merit. “Have merit” as opposed to “Are true.” Newton’s laws of physics were not incorrect compared to Einstein’s-- they were just incomplete. I think the Laws of Attraction are going up short as to how things happen, but they work.

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