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Will UVic Learn?

How do you save on expenses? Don’t spend money on security. How do you make systems easy to handle? Simplify them. Simplify them to the point where even the dumbest could handle the process; to a point where you don't even need to try to teach someone procedures. In a pre-Magna Carta class system, cater to the elite and ignore the peons. Last weekend, these judgement calls came home to roost at the University of Victoria.

Five Reasons to Lose Weight In 2012

January brings resolutions. Resolutions basically mean weight loss (or quitting smoking which means next year’s resolution becomes weight loss). All these resolutions and all these fatties. Maybe you just don’t have the right incentives. Sure: live longer, sweat less, et cetera. BORING.

Let's All Teleport Today

Teleportation should be easy. It should be as hard as crossing a room or re-aiming a flashlight. In short, teleportation is moving from one place to another without taking the traditional amount of time and without travelling in the traditional way through our three dimensions. Blink: you’re somewhere else. In a three dimensional world, this seems patently impossible. With solely three dimensions, you can stretch space but you can’t ignore it. There’s good news for the teleportation wannabes. You’re not locked into three dimensions.

Batman's Utility Belt

Shouldn't Batman's utility belt look like two backpacks and weigh like 200 lbs.?

Vancouver Riot Charges

Here's the list of rioters who are staring down charges for the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots.

Adipotide: choking off fat's food supply

Twenty-eight jabs could get rid of 27% of your belly fat.
There are so many obesity remedies that I'm don't write about many of them.

The First And Last Thing I'll Say About The Laws of Attraction

The laws of attraction are a set of assumed laws used when discussing the nature of bodies that attract. The "laws of attraction" are one key part of The Secret and a whole medley of life coaching approaches. Because of that connection, the laws of attraction are often derided as hokum. But here’s why I believe in the concept. In the film, Unbreakable, Samuel L. Jackson’s character is a sickly man with type I osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare disease in which bones break easily. He was so brittle, he thought someone had to be on the opposite side of the spectrum: someone unbreakable. I’ve clearly seen the Samuel L. Jackson side of the Laws of Attraction in two examples.

My Fifth Caller Will Be Hit With a Molotov Cocktail. The Phone Lines Are Open

I have bad news for you if you think you're part of the oppressed 99%: there's a 1-in-5 chance that you're part of the 1%. I know the geographic/demographic make-up of most readers: North Americans and some Europeans with a sprinkling of East Asians and South Asians. You have a computer. You likely have access to a smokin' hot search engine powerful enough to exhume something like this blog post.

Future Mike

Future Mike was angry that I ate that popcorn.
You’d think it would hard to be really fat. It’s really hard to carry a bunch of boxes for a long period of time. Thinking that I had to haul around 100 lbs. of suet with me everyday should make me livid. But it’s surprising straightforward to incorporate and live with.

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