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I have been in some state of a diet for years. Don’t eat, watch that. Careful. You sure you want to eat that. Remember Apollo 13? Remember when they stuff Gary Sinise into the simulator to work out the re-entry procedure in such a way that it doesn’t go over its voltage? That’s me, but instead, I’m doing the math on my calories, vitamins, fat, carbs and proteins.

Spring Is Earthquake Season

Duck Season? Rabbit Season? Earthquake Season!

Stay Home: The Real Simple Answer To Traffic Problems

Lots of hand-wringing going on about rapid transit and how to move people around the CRD. The $4-million report suggested LRT. It's likely going to be a painful prospect and we will opt for the much cheaper "rapid transit" along the Douglas corridor. We should all just work from home.

Fire Pit

We wanted a firepit, a place to BBQ food over an open flame; and even a place to smoke select foods.

Fast Fiction Friday: Ham In Chili

Today's Fast-Fiction-Friday comes from a misled request for a favorite BBQ story. It's like 90% fiction.

Fast Fiction Friday FAQ

What is Fast Fiction Friday?

The Interview

I was called for a job interview. And, I’m going. [Record scratch!] Why am I going? I’m self-employed. I’m a captain of industry. I’m freewheeling. I’m free. So: why? Why go?

Greenhouse Built From Scrap

Renovation projects have left a lot of junk around our house. Bits of wood, lengths of metal studs, screws and the like. It would cost a fair chunk of money have all of the potentially useful crap hauled away. Instead, I turned it into a greenhouse.

Opportunities, Quick Cash and Mirages

It's been one of those days. A number of people have come to be with the same sort of a problem: money. With lots of money, they would be able to make their short term problems go away. I don't have money but I have some web links. These could be opportunities. They could be a place to pick up some cash. Or, they could be mirages. I don't suggest that you check out these sites. I suggest that they are there.


I wish to forever live on Franday. And I would like all my days to be Franday.

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