Longevity is a curse.

Our lifespan has increased dramatically as a key benefit of civilization. The Tomb of the Eagles on Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland, produced the remains of 342 people. The most common age of death was early adulthood, between fifteen and thirty. Only 1.5% of people were over 40, and very few lived to reach the age of 50. Our longevity has hockey sticked in the last century. We’re saving children from an untimely demise and we’re keeping the old alive longer.


Put a frog in a pot of boiling water and they’ll spring out. Put a frog tepid water and slowly raise the temperature: they’ll stay until they’re cooked. This plays out with big events like the erosion of our civil rights. It also plays out in small venues.

Now What?

Years back, we used to go to the mall for sport. We would grab a dubious food-fair dinner, then look at the electronics, we’d buy some books; and maybe some DVDs. I would ogle the laptops and game systems. We didn’t have a lot of spare money, so there were so many things we wanted that we didn’t have. We pressed our faces to the glass and held back our desire like an itch we refused to scratch.

40K Is Not Okay

Victoria is the traffic crippling capital of Canada. If you go to a council meeting in the City of Victoria, many of the petitioners come to complain about traffic on their street and they come to ask for some crippling to be put into place in their backyard: barriers, speed limit signs, no-parking, bike lanes, et cetera. The city councilors want to look proactive, so they are open to crippling; and will often endorse and approve of such plans. The City staff is always eager to get the cement mixers pouring, so crippling is a welcome melody.

Corking The Bat

I am really tired of being fat.

Why Are You Working For Someone Else?

When I started Those DeWolfes Creative, I had a vision, some goals and a history.

2012: My Personal Year In Review

I debated writing this. I have a TONNE of stuff to do, but I thought: it’s New Years Eve. The year is played out. No matter how much I have on my plate, going MIA for an hour it's going to cost me some project's completion. The ship is going to sail or sink. I’m not going to drink to excess, so I can work tomorrow if I wish, while others sleep in and nurse hangovers.

Total Recall, Totally Lame

I was intrigued by the cool looking remake of Total Recall. The original movie was cheesy. This new movie is much worse. That's a shame: the look of this movie is great. The cast is very strong, if they're given good material (ie. Colin Farrell: stop reading, watch In Bruges and come back).
The logic of the movie is amazingly sad.
Here are the movies it lends too heavily from:

  • I, Robot
  • Minority Report
  • Serenity
  • Fifth Element
  • Blade Runner

Here are the movies that do not seem to influence this movie:

Mumbeye Quickie

I contributed a story to Third Party Eyes anthology. My story takes place in a world that I think we're inevitably heading towards.

The Low Calorie High Flavour Diet

By Tuesday of last week, I blew a gasket, fat-wise. I couldn't stand it and I couldn't stand that everyone was losing weight. Everyone but me. I stopped eating. I knew it wasn't a permanent fix, but it was a short term response to my situation.
I have restarted eating and I have a plan for how to achieve the weight I want.

Social And Stats

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