December: When Zombie Gnomes and Gifts Go Together

Creepy Gnome (profile) Before Christmas, I was contacted to sell a gnome to someone. I checked my remaining stock: one was in shards (I knew), one was on the front lawn with a crack through its head, and the last was in the house with a big crack through its head. I did some back and forth with the person was wanted to buy a zombie gnome then set out to find the last gnome in the city. You see: garden gnomes in December are hard to come by.

I was in luck. I found the last one in the city, at a year round garden supply place called "Dig This". I didn't let them know I was about to despoil their little gnome. I took at photo of the gnome in its original state to let my patron know. I got the go-ahead and quickly went to work:

Creepy Gnome (close-up) I put a pair of turkey bones into his hand to make a simulated forearm. I used some water putty as flesh, and some more water putty to build up more tangles of hair.

I then primed the gnome. I didn't prime all of him: just the areas I intended to dress up. I hit the gnome with various shades blood red, grey and sickly green. I like to grunge up the sculpture by purposefully spitting out too much paint that you end up with a coarse blood splatter pattern.

More photos are in my Flickr Photostream

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