Artist Statement

Art is about the creation of real life artifacts skewed to highlight the intent of any given piece.
I live in the light, but work in darkness. I draw upon horror and pop culture influences to create my work. I like to face horrors in the world and distill them into an artistic influence.
I like modeling with my bare hands, then use tool work (sculpting tools and dental implements) for features that are too small to manipulate.
I sculpt. My favourite materials are cast aggregates like water putty. I also work with polymer clay, silicon, vinamold, fibreglass, resin, portland cement and latex. Where possible, I like to integrate found objects and recycling into my work. I finish my work with layers of airbrush delivered paints to build up different optical illusions of leathery skin, blood and gore. My colors of choice are greens, reds and yellows. I try to leave the black to the shadows and contours of the piece.
When I work with clay and the like I am reminded of horror in literature and the movies where I was fascinated by the technical skill and repulsed by the subject matter. I begin a piece by imagining its final form cast in stark light to give it deep contrasts.
My goal is to achieve a horrific end result, I like to aim for that creepy territory where it looks realistic, but you still hope it's unreal. When people see my work, I'd like them to be a little shocked then amazed at how well it conveys the sculpture's dialogue, whether that be of a zombie invasion or an alien terror.

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